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Albert, an undead, has been revived by an unknown entity. Follow his story as he dodges his way thought the stages of hell in order to regain his past life as a human. 

Try out Alberts Odyssey for free, and share your gameplays with us.

Dodge your way out of hell!

Reveal his hidden identity !

Epic Boss Battle!

Complete Version:

All Levels added!

Some graphic improvements for the sprites!

Final Boss fight added!

Albert returns with "AlbertsOdyssey 2 The Cursed Flower" in development.

Happy gaming and share!

Install instructions

Download the file and run "AlbertsOdyssey" to play.


AlbertsOdyssey Complete Version.zip 61 MB


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This game could be really fun! Although the controls need work 1 button presses would be lovely! Also a slight increase in the speed of the character and you got a winner with this one! Also the game kicked me before i got to try the second level!


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Thank you for the feedback , i will make this changes on the full game release. Yes it only has 1 level,i uploaded the demo version so i can get some feedback and make it better. The full version will have all the levels and the changes you mentioned. Thank you for trying it :) .

I think you should update your game right now with the changes mentionned earlier, just to see if it works better. For small changes like this, you should update as fast as possible because we will help you to track the bugs and give feedback on the changes.

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Yeah, i uploaded the updated version of the demo.I also added one more level in it.